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General FAQ's

We are a quirky bunch of diverse individuals who may be different and unique in their own ways, but are brought together by a common passion to make people become smart investors. We are a fintech startup based in Auckland, New Zealand. We started the company to solve our own pain point of simplifying stock research without having to spend hours searching on the web or going through pages of broker reports. As busy professionals, we value our time with family and friends aside from work, but at the same time want to grow our nest egg by investing in shares. However, we could not find any platform that provided the key information in an easy to understand format. We often got lost in the vastness and complexity of the information. We soon realised that we are not the only one and many people were also feeling the same way as us! That is when Investify was born.  Our mission is to make every individual capable of becoming an informed investor by educating them about the why, what and how to build their share portfolio.

Yes. Absolutely.

We are not a stockbroker or a financial advisor, therefore we are not incentivised by your transactions. 

Our goal is to create a level playing field by democratizing the information that is otherwise unavailable to the masses and empower everyone to make smarter investment decisions.

We strive to be independent, unbiased and reliable. The information we give you is of institutional quality but simplified for your understanding. 

Finally, we aren’t selling your data to someone else.

We are NOT giving you advice or recommendations. What we do provide is simplified insights that HELP you make informed decisions.

Our filters are useful tools to merely narrow down your stock search. However, they are not a ‘buy or sell list’ or recommendations.

We source our raw data from Factset UK Limited and give you access to all the key metrics behind publicly traded stocks in NZ & Australia. We avoid subjective data and opinion, other than the aggregated consensus views from the analysts.

We buy our raw data from Factset UK Limited, one of the leading professional information companies in the world and trusted by thousands of financial institutions globally.

You will see the phrases “Buy”, “Strong Buy”, “Sell”, “Strong Sell” and price targets for stocks. These are all from the analyst consensus that we source. They are simply opinions influenced by the sentiment of the professionals based on point in time information. They are not views of Investify, or our main data provider, Factset UK Limited. Just like Factset, we don’t endorse the views or forecasts of the analysts.

We think investing in shares without proper research is risky and nothing short of gambling. 

As to whether investing in shares is the right investment for you, we strongly encourage you to assess your risk appetite. is a useful site to help you to find out about different investment risks.