E-Book Coming Soon

Available in mid 2018

The ASX200 Handbook is an essential informative publication from Investify Limited available in a downloadable e-pub format for mobile devices well as computers.

The book contains interactive one page information on the 200 Companies in the ASX 200 index.

Investors who purchase this book will have access to:

  • Business summary of the company, sector, first list date, website link and share registry
  • Detailed Board Members information and their professional background
  • Latest performance and outlook summary of the company
  • Up to date financial performance summary of the company for the last 3 years
  • Forecasted revenue and earnings per share, EBITDA and forward PE ratio
  • Price target estimates and recommendation
  • Current key financials data and historical stock performance chart
  • Downloadable unbiased jargon free research
  • Interactive E-Pub format / Use on any device


The ASX200 Handbook will be available for purchase in mid 2018 on an annual basis with a complimentary updated version available to buyers in December.




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