General FAQ's

We are a quirky bunch of diverse individuals who may be different and unique in their own ways, but are brought together by a common passion to help people become smart investors.

We are a fintech startup based in Auckland, New Zealand. We started the company to solve our own problem of simplifying stock research without having to spend hours searching on the web or going through pages of broker reports.

As busy professionals, we value our time with family and friends aside from work, but at the same time want to grow our nest egg by investing in shares. However, we could not find any platform that provided the key information in an easy to understand format. We often got lost in the vastness and complexity of the information.

We soon realised that we are not the only ones and that many people were also feeling the same way as us!

That is when Investify was born. 

Our mission is to make every individual capable of becoming an informed investor by educating them about the why, what and how to build their share portfolio.

Yes. Absolutely.

We are not a stockbroker or a financial advisor, therefore we are not incentivised by your transactions. 

Our goal is to create a level playing field by democratizing the information that is otherwise unavailable to the masses and empower everyone to make smarter investment decisions.

We strive to be independent, unbiased and reliable. The information we give you is of institutional quality but simplified for your understanding. 

Finally, we aren’t selling your data to someone else.

We are NOT giving you advice or recommendations. What we do provide is simplified insights that HELP you make informed decisions.

Our filters are useful tools to merely narrow down your stock search. However, they are not a ‘buy or sell list’ or recommendations.

We source our raw data from Factset and give you access to all the key metrics behind publicly traded stocks in NZ & Australia. We avoid subjective data and opinion, other than the aggregated consensus views from the analysts.

We buy our raw data from Factset, one of the leading professional information companies in the world and trusted by thousands of financial institutions globally.

You will see the phrases “Buy”, “Strong Buy”, “Sell”, “Strong Sell” and price targets for stocks. These are all from the analyst consensus that we source. They are simply opinions influenced by the sentiment of the professionals based on point in time information. They are not views of Investify, or our main data provider, Factset. Just like Factset, we don’t endorse the views or forecasts of the analysts.

We think investing in shares without proper research is risky and nothing short of gambling. 

As to whether investing in shares is the right investment for you, we strongly encourage you to assess your risk appetite. is a useful site to help you to find out about different investment risks.

Real time data is critically important for computer-driven algorithmic traders at large investment banks. For us DIY investors who login to our accounts intermittently, it’s less valuable. A lot of data isn’t connected to the price that’s constantly fluctuating.

A lot of professionals don’t even use real-time prices. Their computer algorithms do. So, unless you are spending millions to directly trade at the stock exchanges, having the end-of-day (EOD) is sufficient for researching the companies.

Besides, not all the data needs to be real time in order to make informed decisions such as the profitability, the dividends, the price targets, etc., which only changes a few times a year.

As of now, NO.

We are a research and analytics platform. We crunch through large quantities of financial data and present the information in a simple and useful manner. We don’t provide a brokerage or investment service.

We may start providing investment services in the future. Though we will only do that once we have the right regulatory approvals or relevant partnerships in place.

So, watch this space.

Intelligent filters are pre-built filter templates to answer some of your questions and provide you with useful strategies on narrowing down your search result.

Intelligent filters are a powerful feature of our platform for users who are not very savvy with stock research but an equally helpful and time-saving tool for more experienced investors.

Intelligent filters are just one of the few useful things we have created to make your stock pick quick and easy.

The STAR rating is based on a few fundamental key metrics which are considered important for assessing the suitability of investing in that particular stock.

Our STAR rating is based on 5 factors: Profitability, Dividend, Long-term growth outlook, Cheaper than peers and Analyst recommendation. See below table for the exact criteria.

STAR rating



If the net income is positive i.e., the company is profitable


If the company is paying a dividend


When the analysts have given a positive number for companies they think will have growth over the next 5 years.


If the PE ratio is less than the peer average i.e., similar companies in the same industry


If the aggregated analyst recommendation is a BUY or a STRONG BUY

However, please note, it does not mean that anything less than 5 STAR is not investment worthy. We suggest that you do a comprehensive research before you discard any opportunities that are less than 5 STAR ratings.

It’s simply an average of various analysts’ buy/sell recommendations.

There are many analysts doing research on every single company. These professionals talk to the management teams, the big shareholders, analyse the competitors and the market. Then they write reports on the health of the companies and advise clients if they should “Buy” or “Sell” the shares.

But, analysts rarely agree. Some think a stock will go up, some think it will go down, while others may think the stock will go nowhere. They describe that as “Buy”, “Sell” and “Hold”.

To cut through the disagreement, the big financial data companies, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Factset, S&P Capital IQ, publish what they call the “consensus”. 

This is nothing but an average of all the forecasts and views of the different analysts, for that particular stock. Just like the “wisdom-of-the-crowd” shows, the average is typically a better, more consistent forecaster, than hanging your hat on the views of one analyst.

While share price is the actual price of the specified share, fair value is what analysts think should be the right share price. The fair value we display is an average of the valuations provided by different analysts.

We don’t do our own valuation. We simply present the fair value of the company, provided to us by Factset in its original form. The reason we do that is because we believe that it is an important metric and best left to the experts rather than coming up with our own valuations (unlike some other websites).

Unfortunately, all the stocks do not come with a fair value. For those ones, we suggest you look at the fundamentals of the company as a whole and make your own judgement.  Our comprehensive analytical dashboards are designed to help you make smarter decisions based on key insights.

There is a small probability that some numbers may not always be 100% accurate and may differentiate with other websites such as Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Bloomberg, Reuters etc.

Firstly, this is because we use End of the Day (EOD) prices for stocks compared to 20 minutes Delayed by other websites. This will show differences in numbers such as Market Capitalisation, P/E ratio and dividend yields. Using the EOD is sufficient for researching the companies as not all the data needs to be real time in order to make informed decisions such as the profitability, the dividends, the price targets, etc., which only changes a few times a year.

Secondly, our main data provider Factset may have a different process of calculating numbers such as Basic vs Diluted share outstanding, Basic vs Diluted Earning per share, Trailing twelve months dividend yield vs Indicative forward dividend yield. This is an industry wise practice that differs from one data provider to another. However, the good news is that in most cases these would be minor differences.

Thirdly, when we are dealing with millions of rows of data, there tend to be some errors despite our automated checks, random samplings of data, and audits. 

So if you have doubts about any information on Investify, please Contact Us and we will look into it immediately.

We will really appreciate your help which will benefit the entire Investify community.

Sadly, we don’t, at least not a lot. Our only source of revenue is when you buy a subscription. 

Again, it’s one of those challenges of being a startup. Hopefully, once we have established ourselves in the market, we will start making money. But for now, we are investing our own money, every day, in building and running Investify.

We are grateful to have receive a Government grant for funding our R&D from Callaghan Innovations.

Our goal is to empower people with simple and reliable insights so that they can make informed investment decisions. We hope to create a community of educated investors by improving their financial literacy.

As we mentioned before, we are not a share trading platform. However, by using Investify’s powerful research and insights platform you can quickly identify potential shares to invest in.

Once you have identified stocks that satisfies your criteria, you can jump into one of the many available trading platforms (Sharesies, ASB Securities, etc.,) to buy and sell shares.

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand, and we are currently growing within both the NZ and Australian markets. We strive to ‘think local and act global’ at some point in future. 

If you are keen to help us grow and support our mission, we would appreciate your help in spreading the word to your friends and family.

Yes we do have a Web App.
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